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Most modern-day, futuristic vehicles are highly dependent on non-renewable sources of energy. Awareness towards using alternate sources of energy has increased and people are switching to eco friendly rides to keep the deterioration of the environment at bay. Here is a list of electric trike designs that offer a sustainable ride. You can feel the comfort of a car and the excitement of a bike while riding these electricity-driven trikes.

1. E-Trike concept electric vehicle by Onno Fridrich


E Trike concept electric vehicle

Onno Fridrich has created the E-Trike concept, which is electric driven. The zero emission ride is a three-wheeled creation and vows to keep the streets free from pollution. The rear of the features a single wheel and the front has two wheels that have been placed close to each other. The concept has been fitted with a windscreen that will shield the rider from bad weather conditions. Electric batteries will make it a great vehicle that can be used by one person at a time.

2. P. I .E.T


Two environment lovers, Laurent Hompesch and Lorenz Nasdal, have crafted P.I.E.T, Plug-In Electric Trike. The eco friendly vehicle is perfect for an urban setup and makes good use of plug-in electric power. The eye-catching trike has a sloping system of wheels that guarantee the turning radius remains small. P.I.E.T occupies less space on the road and even while parking. The length can be shortened by moving down the back wheel, which ensures that the electric trike consumes less space. The frame that surrounds the head of the driver can be folded upwards. This makes it easy for the driver to get in and out of the vehicle. A battery pack is nicely placed under the seat that makes sure P.I.E.T gets enough power for the embedded wheel hub motor.

3. Eco friendly Amantide Electric Trike

Amantide Electric Trike

Amantide Electric Trike, designed by Florentin Hortopan and has been draped with unique looks. It fetches all its power from a rechargeable battery. The Trike has a seating capacity for one person only. It is theft proof as it can be easily folded and carried anywhere. It has two wheels in the front and one at the back, that provide ample support. Additional support is provided by the leg rests that are connected to the extension. The eye-appealing trike has a handlebar that extends out from the seat base. It has an accelerator on the right. To bring the electric creation to an immediate halt, the entire handlebar has to be pulled. Amantide Electric Trike has shock absorbers placed under the seat that ensure a comfortable ride.

4. Deliver-E Electric Trike

Deliver e-trike

Deliver-E Electric Trike is the result of the hard work and undying passion of Simon Williams from Australia. The electricity-run creation has been fitted with two electric motors that have been placed in each wheel at the back. Apart from the motors it is powered by 16 Li-Ion batteries. It has a reverse gear for easy backing of the vehicle. Deliver-E Trike can touch a maximum speed of 50 mph and has a range of 37 miles. It has been designed keeping in mind the needs of a mail man.

5. BMW i1

BMW i1

BMW always manages to make heads turn and the BMW i1 is no exception. The three wheeled creation by Amadou Ba Ndiaye for BMW is an all-electric ride. The single seater is wedged with three powerful motors that manage to send in thrill chills. A computer regulated hydraulic system controls the wheel tilt that ensures necessary safety of the rider. The chassis of this energy efficient ride has been crafted from carbon fiber and moves on three wheels with panache.

6. E-3POD Antistatic e-trike

E-3POD Antistatic e-trike

The E-3POD Antistatic e-trike, designed by Heikki Juvonen, was declared winner for the Double Challenge sponsored by Citroen. Heikki, a student of Royal College of Art has crafted the ultra compact electric vehicle which will awe onlookers with its good looks. It features a hubless back wheel and two wheels at the front, placed at an angle. The lightweight creation comes wedged with a small battery pack and has space for just one passenger.

7. The Honda 3R-C

The Honda 3R-C

The Honda 3R-C is a practical vehicle that has been crafted keeping in mind the future. The trike has been fitted with a lithium battery that will be placed under the chassis. The eco friendly trike has ample storage space in the form of lockable trunk and is a noiseless creation. The door-like sides provides protection from water and wind, while the canopy acts as a windshield.

8. Bemblis Trike

Bemblis Trike

Marouane Bembli’s Electric Trike cares for the environment and is also cost effective. It is light in weight and has an aluminum-crafted chassis. The body is a single module, which can be easily placed over the chassis in a desired color and material. The inside has been caked with plain looks that reduces the overall cost. Bemblis Trike has a single wheel at the rear, just like a motorbike.The practical bike is easy to maintain and can be used every day.

9. IKONE Shoe-Shaped EV

IKONE Shoe-Shaped EV

IKONE Shoe-Shaped EV, as the name suggests, looks like a shoe. The three-wheeled trike has been conceptualized by Karim Guelmi and will fetch a lot of attention when it rolls on the road. IKONE promises to deliver a high mileage and a pumped up range. It has storage space for a 18.5 liter container. The concept has been fitted with lithium batteries that will power the engine and can be easily charged from any electric outlet. Its sleek and dainty facade will set eyes widening in surprise.

10. Roadrunner Electric-Assist Trike

Roadrunner electric-assist trike

Roadrunner Electric-Assist Trike weighs 26 kg and has a body crafted using carbon fiber. The light weight, three-wheeled ride is an ingenious creation by Cikaric Dragan. The space saving Trike has a lithium-ion battery pack that give juice to the electric motors. Roadrunner comes wedged with a carbon storage box, which has been placed in the front and can be used to carry stuff weighing up to 25kg. A mud visor and a wind guard will make sure that the rider doesn’t feel uncomfortable during bad weather conditions. It can also be operated by using paddle power.

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Whenever one thinks of caravans, it gives the hint of nomadic life. It brings the essence adventure, thrill and the pleasure to get temporary freedom from conventional civilized life. But a comparison of the nomadic life of the yesteryear to that of a modern one will reveal that the former was much tougher and more of an unfortunate compulsion to succumb to a low living condition in harsh natural conditions. But things have changed now. With the invention of hi-tech caravans, spending nomadic life have become more of a pleasure and adventure trip, where people love to take their family along with them too, to be one with nature. Here are ten such caravan concept designs that are sure to bring about a drastic change in the typical nature of nomadic life.

Bob Villa's Caravan
1. Domus, Mobile Compact Home:


This is a design that was conceived keeping in mind those people who preferred to lead a bohemian life and stay away from the fetters of family norms and also for the young generation, who struggle to develop a strong foothold in the society and acquire money and property in days to come. It accommodates up to two people and has enough space to carry on the daily basic chores inside. But, it is also compact in design that makes it easier to be driven on a normal driving license. The wheelbase of this caravan is of Mercedes Sprinter Van that gets extended as living pods whenever required. The interior, with the use of materials like glass, wooden detailing, etc., along with kitchen and sitting arrangement in the downstairs section and the bedroom, living room and outdoor patio in the second floor makes it a typical home. A three wheeled smaller unit is also attached with the main vehicle as personal mobility unit. But the conventional body panel at the exterior makes it look like a normal car too.

2. Blackmore Vale Leisure:

Blackmore Veil Leisure

This caravan is especially for those who are fanatic about camping and wish to have all the amenities as they would have got while at home. Balckmore Vale Leisure is available in different shapes and sizes and is equipped with thick insulated panels to fight out harsh weather on the way. Further, the six years water ingress facility and an easy to prepare king sized bed, together with sun canopy to withstand strong ultra violet rays, makes it quite lucrative. Available at price ranges starting from £6990, it is sure to change the lives of nomadic travelers.

3. Capsule Caravan:

Capsule caravan

Although this caravan still remains a concept, but conceptualized by David Tonkinson, it is self sufficient, compact design and smart look is sure to be most sought after when it hits the roads. When closed, it is designed to fit into a standard sized parking space. But the capsules disintegrate into two pods when required. One is the “Comfort Pod,” equipped with sitting and sleeping arrangement for two persons, along with mediums of entertainment, like audio supply, equipped with 12v power supply. The other pod is the “Service pod," containing water and power supply system and enough space to stack in personal goodies. A large central window with electromagnetic film allows natural light to come in.

4. 252° Living Area:

Living area

This caravan designed by a group of creative minds like Stephanie Bellanger, Amaury Watine, François Gustin & David Dethoor promises to give you all the comforts of a city life while you are away camping. With a fully equipped compact house on wheels, it features a bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen and office when it expands at 252° radius. The walls slide on rails and is further surrounded by a protective shield to give you privacy.

5. Bob Villa’s Caravan:

Bob Villa's Caravan

This caravan by Bob Villa is a breakthrough in the traditional square shaped ones in its appearance. The white walls tires and protective covering on the wheels and windows with alumina panels and dark glasses segregate it from those conventional ones. A changeable ladder from the living space, which has a modular sofa that extends to become a bed, together with another slider to reveal mattresses and chairs, leads the users to the classic bedroom on top of it. It also has a bathroom and a kitchen, having a foldable breakfast bar. The lightweight GRP foam structure makes it convenient to carry anywhere.

6. Colim:

The Colim

Designed by Christina Susana, this caravan has a detachable unit, one featuring the home unit and another, a small vehicle. With the modern technologies needed for a modern living, together with features of auto technology, this caravan, with a geometric shape is apt for small family use.

7. Case Van:

Case Van

This is another concept, still be to released. Conceived by James Curtis, it will feature smart geometric shape and multifunctional facilities to meet the changing demands of the modern nomads.Thus, together with the basic needs of a home, the users can enjoy internet connectivity on one of its specially designed touch screen walls.

8. Next gen Caravan concept:

Next gen caravan

While on tour, if you and your family do not wish to deprive yourself from the PSPs and iPods that you use at home like addiction, choose this caravan. A home on the wheels, this caravan also offers a veranda with foldable chairs on the back to experience nature as you move. The veranda leads you to the fully equipped interior.

9. Mehrzeller:

Mehrzeller, Germany

Manufactured in Germany, Mehrzeller, which means multi-cell, is worth its name. Conceptualized by Christian Freisling and Theresa Kalteis of Graz University of Technology in Austria, it was sponsored by BMW. It is the total renovation of the classic trailer and is so designed that the customers can customize the caravan according to their use, by means of the online “Konfigurator”. This makes every caravan a unique piece.

10. FolDoub:

The FolDoub

This easily foldable caravan, designed by Dutch designer Niels Caris, makes it convenient to move even on narrow link roads. It is suited to the needs of a small family and is expanded to become a mid-sized caravan according to requirement

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The rise of ecological concern among the people today has resulted in an increased availability of hybrid vehicles on our roads. Moreover, the unveiling of the world’s first luxury yacht powered by hydrogen in New York and the first of its kind solar-diesel-electric hybrid yacht will enable yacht lovers to sail the seas in style, making no compromise with the luxury and grandeur.

1. Solar hybrid yacht

Contrary to the common belief about the rivalry between water and electricity, this hybrid yacht brings about the union of these two ingeniously. It can deliver 6 knots with its 6.8 kW solar array minus the poisonous emissions. If the sun feels shy just burn the diesel with its 75 horse powered diesel engine and get speeds up to 13 knots. But since a yacht is all about luxury and not the speed, it lives up to your expectation with its Master bed room and queen sized beds even in the guest room as well as the inbuilt 26-inch HDTV and Bose surround sound systems.

2. Trilobis 65 hybrid yacht

The semi submerged design of the Trilobis 65 hybrid yacht makes it your very own Atlantis. It has the sufficient amenities for the habitation of six people in the sea due to its innovative architecture. The four-level craft meets the need for daylight activities like lounging in its top two levels whereas, its third semi submerged level and the fourth fully submerged one is for the complete seclusion under the sea.

3. Hybrid-electric yacht

Protecting the environment doesn’t mean that luxury takes a back seat, the wind-powered Tang hybrid yacht is a prime example of just that. With its unique combination of wind powered magnetic motor system and a 22 kW diesel engine, this baby is built to deliver, wind or no wind. The lithium-ion battery powered generators also meet the requirements for its 37-inch HDTV, Bose sound system, dish washers, freezers, air conditioners and all that you need for your perfect luxurious yacht experience.

4. Green sail hybrid yacht

The 48th Salone Nautico Internazaionale saw the unveiling of Long Range 23, an eco friendly hybrid yacht by Mochi Craft. The cutting-edge dynamic design of the hybrid propulsion system is innovative and unique. This amazing vehicle meets all the luxuriant needs of a seafarer leaving little or no emissions and thus is a necessity for all yacht lovers if paying up is not an issue.

5. Horn blower hybrid yacht

The Horn blower hybrid is a state-of-the-art hydrogen powered yacht launched in 2008 in San Francisco. Not to mention its parallel solar, wind, and diesel powered propulsion system for increased efficacy. This amazing 600 passenger craft with all its luxuriant facilities and aesthetic design is an archetype of classy yet ecofriendly seafaring.

6. Solar hybrid yacht

The solar hybrid Emax Excalibur luxury yacht is the ultimate solar powered vessel to roam the waters. This completely Carbon neutral craft is covered with solar panels all over and is designed to provide speeds of up to 30 knots. The coolest fact about this ship remains that the energy can be returned to grid by simply plugging it in and conserved for a power packed performance throughout the year.

7. V50 hybrid yacht

Vismara Marine’s V50 Hybrid is a notable example if reducing emission is of prime concern. This ingenious lightweight vehicle takes reducing poisonous effluents to a new level with its unique double tank water filtering system which filters the sea water of the pollutants. Moreover, the boat has LED lighting, diesel-hybrid engine and non-polluting refrigerants to increase its conservative efficacy.

8. Solar-powered hybrid yacht by China

A prime example of China’s electronic excellence is the Yihong-Sea Stella. It’s the first solar super yacht of Chinese origin and is provided with an array of photovoltaic cells for generating solar power and is coupled with a parallel diesel powered system to run smoothly in the absence of sunlight.

9. Hybrid luxury yacht

The renowned boat makers WHY (Wally-Hermès Yachts) will soon unveil their latest eco- friendly luxury yacht to the seafaring world. This boat with its 900 square inch solar panel is more than efficient to deal with the luxurious energy needs of the vessel in an eco friendly manner. The coupled hybrid diesel/electric engine is for instances of scanty sunlight. Its dynamic design and luxurious style make it a formidable competitor in the world of eco friendly super yachts.

10. Audi hybrid yacht

Audi’s new trimaran yacht concept is an incredible design to meet the ecological needs of the recent market. The yacht provided with an electrical jet-ski engine system on both sides of the hull is complemented with a cutting edge diesel propulsion system for reduced energy consumption. Its petite design and light weight conserve energy even further by reducing water friction with no compensation to speed or grandeur.

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Magnetic vehicles are the solution to many current automotive problems. They demand no fuel and are extremely eco friendly. Leading automobile companies like Audi and Chevrolet are rapidly joining this endeavor to make this world pollution free and a safer place to live. There are different designs of magnetic powered vehicles to make your ride comfy.

MAG Vehicle concept
Here are some best picked vehicle concepts with unique designs:

1. Magnetic MAG vehicle concept by Matúš Procháczka

This eco friendly vehicle, designed by Slovakian designer Matúš Procháczka, makes for a very comfortable ride. Along with its ability to use magnetic power, Procháczka has very sensibly integrated an electric engine into it is as well. While the electric traction is born by the back tires, the upward magnetic force makes the cars 50 percent lighter. The spring like feel along with its noiseless and clean features make this car a good buy.

2. Nicholas futuristic concept vehicle

Traffic is a huge concern these days and driving through traffic can be very stressful especially when you are in a hurry. This vehicle based on the two-wheeler concept, skillfully designed by Nicholas Holland is an ideal solution for commuting problems in such areas. The vehicle uses the front wheel as the key driving component. It utilizes the strong magnetic field produced by the giant loop passing through the front wheel.

3. Induction powered taxi

Designed by Philip Siebourg, this vehicle works on the concept similar to a train. It runs on a rail system that creates a magnetic field for it. The direction of the vehicle is controlled by the interaction between the magnet in the vehicle and the rail system. The most striking feature of this taxi is that it is automatic and does not require a driver. Its light weight makes it even more efficient.

4. Nissan iV electric vehicle

For all sports car lovers, the Nissan iV electric vehicle is a dream come true. As Nissan too takes a shot at future automotive solutions, their version comes in the form of the ingenious and practical vehicle. Not only does it look good, the performance of the car is excellent as well. Nissan has used photovoltaic material for its cabins that weigh much lesser than glass. This four-seater vehicle also comes with a solar panel and bio-battery.

5. Yog concept vehicle

Rightfully named the Yog, this futuristic vehicle has been designed by Indian designer Arun Thomas. It uses lightning for commutation. The vehicle produces artificial thunderstorms that are converted into lightning and used by the car. This vehicle is steered with a skid steer mechanism. It uses air and magnetic repulsion power to define its shape.

6. Futuristic Audi RM car

Audi has earned a very respectable name for itself in the automobile industry. When its comes to the brand, one expects nothing less than extreme comfort, style, high performance and class. Keeping that in mind, designer Halil Buzcuoglu has come up with a car concept named Audi RM and is said to be inspired from the Audi RSQ. This vehicle is designed especially for people who travel between cities a lot. The car can seat three people and is very environmentally friendly. It uses electric power and can also be recharged.

7. Enigma Car Concept

As the whole world looks to the future, designer Paul Howse has come up with a futuristic automobile concept and named it Enigma. This sleek looking vehicle is sure to grab a lot of attention. The bronze color used gives it a very classy and unique look. The car runs on bio-electric technology and can even use solar energy if the energy level drops.

8. 2011 Chevrolet Corvette z06x track car concept

The Chevrolet Corvette z06x track car concept is Chevrolet's version of future automotive solutions. The vehicle draws its inspiration from the Corvette Z06 1LZ. It has carbon-ceramic brakes and magnetic ride controls.

9. Next generation electric vehicle5

Truly futuristic, the Next generation electric vehicle5 is anything and everything you look for in a car. The vehicle has all the features that make it very eco friendly. It runs on batteries and has a unique wheel system that makes riding it very interesting. For the convenience and comfort of its riders, the car is integrated with four magnetic systems.

10. Apache Concept Car

What may look like a car wreck at first is actually Apache's new Apache FM1 concept vehicle. Do not be fooled by its look, this car dares to be bizarre yet turn heads. The car is a perfect amalgamation of performance and style. Said to be inspired from the helicopter, this vehicle has been designed by Senni Med

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Ford is looking to enrich customer experience via a reevaluated technology vision with its brand new design exercise, the Ford Evos Concept. The model looks to embody Ford’s new global technology and design vision by creating a vehicle that oozes with class both on the inside as well as the exterior styling. The new Evos Concept looks to showcase intuitive technologies and customer-focused design via a dramatic four-seater that comes complete with full four gullwing doors making the experience as dynamic as a driving and riding in a ford gets.

Ford Evos concept

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Nap Pepin, an electronics engineering technologist from Canada, had a vision four years back. He wanted to improvise the BugE EV, even though it is a high performing vehicle; he still wasn’t satisfied with it. So, he made some tweaks and the vehicle responded like anything. The speed increased, and so did the range. And that mars rover look didn’t look bad either. The BugE was transformed into something new by Nap Pepin.

Lithium Hawk homebuilt EV

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Wish you had a power vehicle that could drive you and your family in a sporty style? Then check out the Peugeot HX1 Concept. Although the prototype vehicle is designed to be a multipurpose one and is thus based on the MPV architecture, its look is transformed to reflect itself like a sports car. This can be better judged by having a glance at its low, tapered roof line. Considering transformation and adaptation as core ideas behind the concept, this vehicle is boldly styled as well as designed to carry up to six individuals. It's also crafted to be more fuel-efficient by making it run on Peugeot's HYbrid4 diesel hybrid system, which is a modular drivetrain with plug-in rechargeable capability.

Peugeot HYbrid4 system enables all four wheels of the vehicle to be driven, while the internal combustion engine at the front and the electric motor at the rear work in sync. The internal engine powers the front wheels and the motor drives the rear. When powered only by the electric motor in the Zero Emissions Vehicle mode, the car can be driven at lower speeds and when it's in electric-only mode, it covers a distance of 18.6 miles. The Peugeot HX1 Concept runs on a 204 hp, 2.2 liter HDi diesel engine, along with a 95 hp unit electric motor, thus taking the maximum available power to 299 hp. The car has a six-speed automatic transmission and additionally provides 88.2 MPG combined fuel consumption.

Peugeot HX1's superb aerodynamics involve its movable parts that make it more efficient by optimizing air flow as well as seven spokes in each of its wheel rims that create a turbine blade-like flat disc pattern to reduce turbulent airflow. Deployed at 62 mph, there is a spoiler and two side skirts at the top of the tailgate. Being an MPV, the HX1 Concept still has an impressive drag Cd of 0.28. The vehicle's interiors are no less impressive than its aerodynamics. Its high-tech design of steering column makes the steering wheel move forward and backward while being electrically in line with seat adjustment. When the vehicle is put into cruising mode, the steering wheel creates stability and comfort for the driver by automatically making its movement heavier. Its adjustable seats also make it easier for the driver to enter and exit the vehicle.

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People are become quite particular about their lifestyle in this environmentally-conscious world. They are opting for things that won’t harm or deteriorate our beautiful surroundings further. Even their gas guzzling rides are being swapped by electric vehicles. Two-wheelers have become a favorite amongst today’s generation and bikes have always come slashed with a sexy tag. Below is a list of 10 electric sportbikes that are powered the green way, but still manage to snarl like an angry beast when in motion. These will save the beautiful environment without asking its users to compromise on speed and style.

Electric Sportbike
1. ION electric bike

ION electric bike

The ION electric bike has been designed by Tom Miceli and has been given aggressive looks. The good-looking bike comes fitted with an 84 Volt electric battery, which produces 46 hp and a torque measuring 105 lb-ft. ION can touch a top speed of 80 mph. The batteries take 6 hours to get fully charged and after that can easily cover a distance of 60 miles.

2. 2011 Roehr eSupersport Electric Sportbike

2011 Roehr eSupersport Electric Sportbike

One of the most famous bikes of 2010, the Hyosung GT650R, has an electric version now! Christened the Roehr eSupersport Electric Sportbike, it can run for a good 75 miles on a single charge. The curvy ride comes embedded with a 96 valve LiFePO4 battery that has a capacity of 7.7 kwH. It can produce a torque of 80 ft-lb and 48 hp. The suspension is much better as compared to the Hyosung GT650R and the rear shock absorber makes it look all the more stylish.

3. Mission R electric motorcycle

Mission R electric motorcycle

Here is another addition to the world of e-bikes, the Mission R electric motorcycle. The tasteful outer skin is well complemented by the power it comes injected with. The bike zooms on the road like an angry beast and can touch a top speed of 160 mph in a single gear. Wow! It can produce a horsepower of 141 and the liquid-cooled 3-phase AC motor shoots the torque to 115ft-lb.

4. The Agility Global Saietta Electric Sportbike

The Agility Global Saietta Electric Sportbike

The Agility Global Saietta is a zero emission bike that fetches all the power from its electric motors. The exotic creation is worth drooling over and will make onlookers stare at it in surprise. It has been given an eccentric shape, which makes the bike stand out of the crowd. The motors are situated in the front and are beautifully concealed under the composite material that is light in weight. The bike will be made available in two models: The Agility Saietta S and The Agility Saietta R. The S version can jump from zero to 60 in 4 seconds, while the R version takes 5 seconds.

5. Triumph Daytona

Triumph Daytona

GoWheel has created an eco friendly bike named Triumph Daytona, which has been caked with brawny features. Give it 2.7 seconds and see it jumping from zero to 60 mph. The electric engine will make the bike touch a top speed of 103 mph and has range of 143 miles. Its tasteful looks set hearts racing and force onlookers to gawk at the stunning creation. The battery will stay in a functional mode for 5 years and or 114,000 (whatever comes first).

6. The Mission One Electric Sports Motorcycle

The Mission One Electric Sports Motorcycle

The motorbike is a definitely a clean and green beauty out to rule roads with its magical aura. If you are a lover of speed then the Mission One Electric Sports Motorcycle will manage to pump enough adrenaline rush. The all-electric bike has a range of 150 miles, produces a 100 lb-ft torque and has a top speed of 150 mph.

7. Zero S Electric Sportbike

Zero S Electric Sportbike

The eye-appealing electric creation has been crafted from aircraft grade aluminum. The exclusive design manages to drench the rider with smooth acceleration and a top speed of 96.6 kilometer per hour. Zero S is not at all noisy and comes sans an exhaust. The clean bike is easy to maneuver and can cover a distance of 97 km on a single charge.

8. Empulse electric sportbike

Empulse electric sportbike

Brammo Empulse electric sportbike will definitely send in thrill-chills with its sexy façade. The bike comes in three models and each delivers a different average range on a single charge. Empulse 6.0, Empulse 8.0 and Empulse 10 have an average range of 60 miles, 80 miles and 100 miles, respectively. All three variants can jump over 100 mph and will prove to be a treat for lovers of speed.

9. Vectrix SBK, the Electric Sport Bike

Vectrix SBK, the Electric Sport Bike

Now, this is one creation that will give gas-guzzling beasts a major inferiority complex. It will attract sportbike customers with its tasteful appearance and power-packed performance. Vectrix SBK is a high performance electric sportbike with a top speed of 125 mph. When moving at a speed of 110 mph it can cover a distance of a quarter mile in as less as 12 seconds. The battery takes 2.5 hours to get fully charged.

10. Electric sport bike

Electric sport bike

Electric Motorsport is out with the GPR-S electric bike that has a range till 100 km and weighs 285 lb. It comes fitted with an electric drive system which is 14.2 kilowatt and gets pumped by a lithium battery pack. The battery can be charged in 4 hours. It weighs 129 kg and can touch a top speed of 100 k/h.

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The development and production of inter-city delivery vehicles is not something that we see being talked about before every international auto show with the same kind of enthusiasm that an Audi, Ferrari or BMW street cars garner. But delivery vehicles remain one of the most numerous, albeit marginalized inter-city modes of transportation. The good news is that auto designers are slowly but surely waking up to the need to up the ante in creating the next big thing in the segment, and concepts like the Rapid Delivery Vehicle are taking urban transportation design in the correct direction.

Created by student industrial designer Leighton McDonald, the RDV is an innovative new concept that looks to provide an alternative vehicle that provides maximum versatility for making deliveries in the urban environment. Since the current lot of delivery vehicles either come in the over-sized 16-wheel UPS-style monster trucks that make interstate deliveries or smaller versions of it, and the open-back style classic delivery trucks. Users of such vehicles often have to struggle with making deliveries to smaller lanes. Also, the fixed frame of these vehicles is not suited to all shapes and sizes of deliveries that chip into their cost effectiveness and fuel efficiency.

Flexible usage: The Rapid Delivery Vehicle addresses all these problems with a simple mobility solution that is flexible in usage and suited to all types of inter-city delivery needs. With an extendable chassis providing the flexibility needed for crucial deliveries in the cities of the world, the vehicle can easily transport and deliver packages ranging in size from a box of color samples to a statue for an exhibit moving them safely, quickly and efficiently.

Variable-diameter containers that come with the design provide businesses with various delivery options allowing them to deliver cargo of various sizes at the most effective speed, while the extendable chassis provides the flexibility to transfer packages. The re-sizable vehicle can be transformed into a smaller, sleeker transport for smaller deliveries and can also be adjusted to fit in larger containers to haul bigger packages.

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When Victoria Beckham first wore the heel-less boots by Antonio Berardi way back in ’08, people wondered whether the world had come to an end and started pouring over ancient calendars and almanacs to decipher whether it had anything to do with the prophetic Armageddon. And then Lady Gaga burst onto the scene and the erstwhile crazy shoe became the norm for the queen of ‘garage couture’ and her monsters. We really don’t know if the Strider MarkVII Futuristic 3D Vehicle Concept had its genesis in the surreal footwear of choice endorsed by the pop icon or not, but we cannot, simply cannot, ignore the Gaga-ness of this heel-less beauty.

Created by Rob GilesRitter, the visually striking Strider Mark VII came into being with a graphic novel that the designer had been working on. The vehicle concept is as futuristic as they come with a prominent front end balanced tenaciously on the front wheel. The rear, however, features antigravity magnet field emitters that help the bike maintain its horizontal stance even without its rear end ever touching the ground. The logic behind not having a rear wheel has not been provided by the designer but we’re guessing it was intentionally so created to increase the shock value of the bike and to set it apart from other performance maniacs in its segment.

With a stallion-like mounting position, the vehicle’s shape is fronted by a sturdy hood. As is the trend in motorcycle design these days, the Strider MarkVII too draws immensely from the Equus ferus species (that means ‘horse’ in plainer language) with a long, drawn out flowy back that dwarfs the rider with its imposing arch.

A rather thin spine-like rig unites both main segments allowing the Stider to hold the main suspension system for the single wheel below it. Two mechanic arms protrude outwards to grasp the casing of the wheel to permit its three axes to rotate freely. This mechanism allows the wheel to remain fixed to the structure while turning simultaneously.

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